We prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. For this reason we have developed advanced discipleship training of local church leadership and a course of study to prepare pastoral candidates for their ordination test.

With the explosion of the Information Age in today’s society, while the message must remain the same, ministry must be ready to be adaptive to the ever-changing cultures. If the church is to be effective in evangelization, discipleship, and ministry in that society then it is imperative that it has the tools with which to accomplish the task. The Anglican School has accepted the challenge of training both clergy and lay-leadership in the work of the church. The Anglican School accomplishes this in two ways.

First The Anglican School offers a 14 – 16 course certificate course of study to train the lay leadership in the church. This course of study is designed to equip the student with both principle and current methods. In as much as methods will change from culture to culture, generation-to-generation, etc. the principles as well as the core values should and must remain the same. Students will be trained to recognize when methods need to be either modified or changed while maintaining the core value of the content. Likewise, the students will be trained to adapt ministry methods to the culture – context so that ministries can be developed in multi-cultural settings. A graduate of the Lay Leader Certificate program will be trained to work in all areas of ministry within their local church.

The second way that The Anglican School accomplishes it’s ministry is by providing Pastoral Care training and formation along with theological reflection. We use a Supervision methodology to coach the student in listening to the patient and caring for their spiritual needs.  Hands on training and reflection are the focus of the School which offers upon completion, a professional license with Pastoral Care Associates.