Partnering with local seminaries for
Masters of Family Therapy [MFT]

We use principles and methods of positive psychology, family therapy, spiritual reflection and health psychology to help you to heal and grow spiritually and emotionally.

  • Healing for patterns that hinder relationships and personal growth.
  • Christ Centered spiritual direction and theological reflection.
  • Identify your values, virtues, unique gifts, and talents.
  • Ongoing Education training opportunities and educational events.
  • Learn communication and problem solving skills.
  • Coping Skills dealing with health issues, loss or grief.
  • Experience spiritual and emotional support.
  • Training for Caring providing pastoral support for those caring for family members, friends and loved ones.


Relationship, Parenting & Stage of Life Classes

Spiritual Reflection

Individual Psychotherapy

Couples and Family Therapy

Group Therapy for New Mothers, Older Adults and Patients following Hospitalization


Confidentiality and Psychological Safety

Respect for Medical, Social, Cultural, Spiritual, Financial and Emotional Needs

Appreciation of Strengths and Struggles

New Ways of Thinking and Managing Stress, Health, Depression and Anxiety

Support for Improved Emotional and Physical Health

All Therapy is delivered or overseen by
Gina Touch Mercer, Ph.D.

a Clinical Psychologist specialist in Arizona. She graduated in 1996, having over 21 years of diverse experience, especially in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Gina Touch Mercer also cooperates with other doctors and physicians in medical groups including A Wisermind LLC.